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FYI: True modular is built to the same residential building code as the home you live in, particularly if you live in a residential subdivision. The national building code for much of the U.S. is the IRC.
Sorry, the building code does not give letter grades, such as A, B, C, or D, so it's up to the buyer to figure it out.
Tip: For a heavier, easier to maintain home, consider ``true modular.`` There is no need to settle for the ordinary ``site-built`` way of building.
The term true modular is subjective, but don't ignore it. To determine for yourself just how superior a proposed true modular may be versus a proposed site-built version, hire an independent engineer to do a comparison.
Then, if the price is the same, choose the superior home!!!
A superior-built home may cost less to maintain, feel more comfortable and quieter, be safer, and may cost no more than a poorly-built home!
The good news: CMHUSA's founder is an industrial engineer, I.E.O.R, and residential and commercial contractor who invites you to independently compare.
FYI: For any price range, including homes in the $millions, true modular may make you the happiest.
Look for ``USA`` in our name. It's
The view from a balcony overlooking the factory floor making custom modular homes.

Heavy-duty factory precision.

This view is from a high balcony overlooking the factory floor where custom modular homes are being built.

In a factory (thus “indoors”) custom modular homes are built by hand as a series of giant building blocks referred to as engineered “boxes” or “modules.”  

Modular that is referred to by CMHUSA as true modular is far more durable and perhaps 15-30% more heavy (read the specs) than a house built by CMHUSA the so-called ordinary way (outdoors). 

Avoid copycat websites.  Check for “USA” in our website name.

This image shows a custom modular homes module being transported along a highway.

Some tiny, some massive, modules begin arriving!

For reasons noted in this website, what you see in this image is a superior building technology for building almost any home and is particularly competitive in the $500,000 price range and into the millions. 

Yes, the superior, better-built-home benefits extend to all lower true modular price ranges as well. 

A home not built in a factory forfeits the benefits of engineered modules, as described in this website.

This image shows how huge cranes lift modules of custom modular homes and set them in place to form a home.

Day one at the new home site

What you see took place early in a single day.

Tip:  An enemy to good health in a home is moisture and mold.  In the factory nothing gets wet.  And now, at the building site, the weather gets sealed out by the end of the day.  The giant crane in this image will soon lift all roofing shingles to the roof. 

This true modular example has a first floor, a second floor, a full basement, and a wonderfully open attic, for a total of four levels.

Remember, double-check for “USA” in our website name.

This image shows that full basements are built in advance of custom modular homes arriving.

Heavy concrete basement.

Many modular custom homes are built on basements.  While the bulk of the home structure is being built offsite, the basement is being built onsite.  In this image, next will come the massive engineered modules, easily surviving (in full public view) the brutal forces of Tests One and Two.

“Freakishly strong!” is a comment by onlookers as they video the heavy-duty modules team up with the concrete, steel-reinforced foundation.

This image shows that in custom modular homes attics may typically be unobstructed by trusses.

At last, an unobstructed attic!

Why waste the amazing opportunity to have an unobstructed attic?  It can provide a huge space useful to any owner and future owner of such a home–thus a great selling point upon resale. 

Moreover, in having the home built, the modular’s “non-obstructed attic” cost may be no more than that of an obstructed attic typical in homes built the ordinary way.  There is reason after reason to consider true modular.

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Faster, stronger and greener

Please first review this website to get more perspective on modular. 

Yes, the cost may be a bit less than building the ordinary way, but even if true modular were more expensive, a better built home can be the true bargain.

Help us help you.  We can help you better if you first look through this website.

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