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New Home appreciation


To "appreciate" a house as a system means

  1. To understand what the system is,
  2. To understand what helps the system, what hurts it and how that helps or hurts the family living in the home.

No, the word appreciate in this context does not mean thankful, as in, hey, I am thankful that I have a house. Hopefully, everyone is thankful for that.

Lynchburg, VA, multifamily site for your new home


Yes, CMHUSA will build multifamily homes as well as single family homes. In fact, we have land near Lynchburg College (soon to be Lynchburg University) that is zoned multifamily.

Gordonsville, VA residential lots

Great lots with amenities of all kinds. See the video on the landing page of this Website. (If you are not someone who spends much time with the Internet, to get to the landing page click on the CMHUSA logo near the top left corner of any page on this Webiste. The logo has the house house roofline over the CMH.)

Home builders in King George, VA


CMHUSA has lots in King George and other counties. We also have a land specialist who can help you find the perfect lot to build your new home.