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A system to keep materials dry during construction can be critical. The reason: Mold spores are everywhere. Just as mold sometimes appears on a slice of bread, it can grow on building materials. There was quite a rain storm when this photo was taken, but none of this material felt a drop of it. 

To find out more about how our home builds help prevent against mold spores view our "durability and safety" page.

Every size home, every price range



Get the best home for the dollar, where "best" refers to the benefits in building with CMHUSA-acceptable modules The re-engineered home may look the same, but here is the difference: see "durability and safety."

Your land or ours

We will build on your lot or on one of ours.

Either way, CMHUSA will speed the construction process.

The goal includes building a better, more durable home for the dollar, a process that uses heavy-duty modules. This CMHUSA educational Website is for you, regardless of the builder you choose to build your new home.

Take a few minutes to look at the topic "No Excuse for Poor Construction."


High energy performance

Let's sit down and talk about the inherent energy advantages CMHUSA can bring to the table.

Add energy high performance to the list of reasons for working with CMHUSA, whether building the ordinary way or using modules. As you may guess, the advantage is heavily weighted in favor of modules.

In any event, settling on an energy strategy is a study within itself.