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You can have any style home an architect can draw; the style in the above test video is craftsman

Will your next home be a heavyweight or a lightweight?

Sorry, there may be no visual difference to help you know which is which. Nonetheless, the hidden structural difference of a CMHUSA heavyweight is dramatic. An informed buyer will insist on the heavyweight and leave the lightweight for you and your family.

Although home builder CMHUSA will build the ordinary way, which is lightweight, it prefers to build heavyweights. The key difference is that a CMHUSA heavyweight will begin as giant building blocks called "modules." The modules will be built in a factory, in a protected environment with massive precision equipment.

Mr. Baker, the owner of CMHUSA, is a factory engineer, with a degree in industrial engineering and operations research. Clearly, the survivability of any home stands to be affected by its supporting structure.

It's no accident, each CMHUSA module will be so resilient that it will not be destroyed when brutally trucked to the home site. Not built to withstand such tortuous forces, a lightweight lookalike version would be all but certain to collapse. 

Please note: As astonishing as this de facto testing is, there can be no guarantee that even a CMHUSA heavyweight will survive the violence of Mother Nature. Rather, the logic is that a heavy-duty home with the stunning ability to withstand violent manmade forces may be safer than a lightweight during a catastrophic natural event.

Enhancing a family's normal everyday enjoyment, the exceptional mass of a better-built heavyweight home may help muffle noise, and over a period of years, a more solid home may present less maintenance headaches. 

Interesting points you will note in this Website:

Most houses built today are lightweights.

• The signature difference between the lightweight and the heavyweight is that the lightweight is built outdoors on an open lot, where supply trucks drop off stacks of material and where workers show up to build the home. They build outside in the weather. Referred to as "site-built," these homes are built on the site where they will remain. Durability to withstand powerful transportation forces is not required. To get an independent opinion on this matter, ask a master carpenter, engineer or architect.

Not every factory is acceptable to CMHUSA. Moreover, there may be intra-factory issues to be addressed as well, from one product to the next.

To the extent time constraints allow, CMHUSA will discuss any project that a potential client or architect may have in mind. 

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