Custom Modular Homes USA 

Exterior options

The sky is the limit for your CMHUSA heavyweight home. CMHUSA will consider designing, fashioning, milling and otherwise building whatever amenity or feature that may be called for in your CMHUSA home. In most cases, however, pre-made brands and product already on the market are almost endless.




The top, well-known brands of siding, roofing, windows and so forth today are better than at any time in the past. A heavyweight home by CMHUSA will wear these brands proudly.




Keep in mind that even siding can be anything a homebuyer wants. It can be any brand, or as noted, CMHUSA will custom mill siding and trim, as in the case of historical preservation requirements.

CMHUSA can use brick or stone in whole or part, perhaps a mix with the beauty of a Hardie board product.


A great look can be the D5 Dutch Lap profile.

The selection process can actually be enjoyable and should not be a worry if you don't want it to be. In fact, the entire building process should be a pleasant departure from the rigors of dealing with a home being built board by board outside on an open lot. No more of that, let's build your house in a factory, where it should be built.

IMG 1126t Whatever colors, whatever style, most are offerred by many makers.
IMG 1127t Plenty of choice in exterior doors.
IMG 1128t

These windows are by Anderson. Actually, the one that you can barely see to the bottom left is a another popular choice, Ply Gem. "Ply Gem gives good value for the price."

Window preference is the choice of the new home buyer. For example, if you look back at the 10-module house being built for the Mississippi coast, recall that the windows were ordered from a maker in New Hampshire.

IMG 1129t Roofing shingles. Timberline in this example.

Whether selecting top brand-named products or one-of-a-kind handcrafted components, CMHUSA will do it all.