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Interior options: anything you can imagine.

It cannot be overemphasized that stylistic features such as multistory rooms, cathedral ceilings, glass walls and restaurant kitchens deserve a brilliant CMHUSA structure. In fact, every home and family should have the peace of mind and comfort that comes with living in a solid, heavyweight home. Thus the usual reminder: The time to ensure that you get the heaviest, most durable newly-built home for your dollar is before the first nail is driven. Insist on CMHUSA proprietary oversight. Only then should come the beautiful adornment detail and finishes.



Regardless of a particular homebuyer's taste, when it comes to decorating, trim, and style, CMHUSA has full-range flexibility to custom build interior detail and built-ins. Anything that you can imagine. This applies to custom cabinetry, moldings, bathroom design and all else.


CMHUSA tip: The décor shown here is quite nice, but décor is décor. Always try to visualize a house without it. Try not to be distracted by the decorator's curtains and clever furnishings!




Basic stairways such as this one, or multistory wraparound designs, are merely a function of the plans and specifications.

Both aesthetics and strength.
CMHUSA offers any kitchen appliances on the market, from basic to restaurant-grade, and any level of cabinetry.

Nine-foot ceiling? Sure, rooms can be enhanced by having a higher ceiling, in this case it's a nine-footer. On the other hand, that's more to heat, and since heat rises, that's something to think about.

But heat rising or not, there is no structural reason not to have an area that is two or even three stories high. To accomplish that, the strength and durability of a CMHUSA heavyweight offer an ideal solution.


Wonderful flooring solutions include these samples: CMHUSA homebuyers may go to whatever manufacturer they may choose, for instance, 

The point of showing this URL website example is to show that a CMHUSA homebuyer has full discretion to go online and find items such as flooring and ask if CMHUSA can use a specific product or brand or color. CMHUSA will welcome the opportunity to check pricing, availability and shipment details. The next step may be the homebuyer's authorization for CMHUSA to use the product. Simple as that.

IMG 1111t

This photo gives an example of a different door design and a curved wall. The flooring in this home is laminate. It looks like hardwood but it will take more of a beating; it's a wonderful material.



IMG 1114t A fireplace can have a marble look, or it can be stone, brick or even sheetrock. To see an example of a sleek sheetrock approach, there is a photo in the dropdown topic "How we do it."
IMG 1116t

This NAFCO floor tile by Tarkett is surprisingly heavy and thick. The price of it is about halfway between the price of vinyl and ceramic.

In this case the website is

IMG 1117t This is a counter-top hot water dispenser—always hot water. Some buyers insist on one of these. It's totally separate from the faucets on the sink, and interestingly, typically does not have a sink.
IMG 1119t Speaking of faucets, many buyers like Kohler. Any of these examples can be a great choice, as can be anything else at Kohler's website or other suppliers.
IMG 1120t A popular choice is Merillat, with good reason. However, there are a zillion other choices.
IMG 1123t

Plenty of excellent entry level choices. Unbelievable. And there are endless upgrades, mid-grades, affordable grades, designer grades and beyond.

To discuss cabinetry construction, talk to CMHUSA.

IMG 1122t

For fans of Merillat, the doors on the cabinet in the preceding photo can be upgraded to any of these finishes. This is the case for almost any maker of cabinets.

Hint: In the case of Merillat, it can make sense to choose one of the so-called entry level woods. Then, if you need some sort of specialty cabinet door for one of the cabinets, buy a classic. It will be a perfect match and you will save money. 

IMG 1121t

The beauty of Formica's solid surfacing goes all the way through the material, thus looking perfectly finished from any angle. Design options are endless, including edgings, accents and inlays for countertops, vanities and custom applications. See

Granite, marble, quartz and so forth are also excellent candidates.

IMG 1130t As in everything else, choice of carpet can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Talk to CMHUSA.
IMG 1131t Likewise, interior trim is almost anything you want. Again, consult with CMHUSA on this issue.
IMG 1124t Some homebuyers insist on tankless hot water.

CMHUSA makes selecting options and finishes easy.