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Industrial engineering and factory engineering--better results, from smartphones and devices to smarter-built homes.

The view from a balcony overlooking the factory floor making custom modular homes.

When a factory’s product is uniquely different from one unit to the next, as in the case of each modular home being different from the one before, this is a different kind of manufacturing process, perhaps more common to massive jets and yachts.  All else being equal, cost and structural advantages stand to be unmatched.

Stronger, better and more cost effective products of every type are manufactured with the application of industrial engineering.

Nonetheless, top “true” modular results do not happen by accident.  Every aspect of building a home, even in the controlled environment of a proper factory, is a variable.  And each factory is different.  The product and quality control of each factory is different.

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The founder of CMHUSA is an industrial engineer (47 years) and a class A contractor (40 years)

Regarding subassembly operations on a more a more complex level, CMHUSA’s founder, decades ago, was recruited by General Electric to launch a fascinating U.S.-based operation, one that would make bi-metal controls for small appliances.  And at the same time, all those years ago, GE was experimenting with new ways to build walls–new prototypes–faster, less expensive and far stronger.

Every type of construction serves a need.  If you as a homebuyer want your new home to be totally built outdoors (the ordinary way), that’s fine, buy it.  If you want the same house plan but with with the added benefit of modules, buy it.  This website is a strong advocate for what CMHUSA refers to as true modular.

Systems engineering and value for your dollar: In the case of a home for you and your family, why not insist on what CMHUSA refers to as true modular (by CMHUSA or equivalent)?

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