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The above 3-d is of a craftsman style home.

Regardless of the new home you build, you need to absolutely insist on extraordinary durability. Unfortunately, few homes have it.

The "ordinary" way to build a house is to build it 100 percent outdoors on an open site. That is referred to as site building, but there is a better way. CMHUSA prefers to re-engineer the building plans for enhanced durability, use far more wood and build the home in the form of heavy, high-strength "modules." Each module will be built in a factory and then transported to the home site, where the modules will quickly seem to disappear into the finished house. But the durability will remain, and it will be fierce.

Before becoming part of the house, each module will be tested by manmade forces so brutal that they would destroy the home if built the ordinary way. Each module, a blessing to the homebuyer, will have already publicly proven its super ability to survive.

The managing member of CMHUSA, Vernon Baker, is an industrial engineer. Home builder CMHUSA will build either the ordinary way or the modular way; however, Mr. Baker advocates for the use of the module approach. Factories have enormous advantages, using massive equipment with ease and on the economic side avoiding mountains of inefficiency. Not just the superior structure of a properly constructed module, factories produce everything else that will go in a new home, from sheetrock and cabinetry to heat pumps and appliances.

Appearance: An ordinary lightweight and the heavy-duty heavyweight may appear to be identical. After all, both houses may use identical brand name finish materials, colors and entablature of architrave.

But Mother Nature is not fooled by appearance: The far heavier and far more durable home is the place to be, especially  in the event of a sudden catastrophic weather event. There can be no guarantee of outcome when it comes to natural disasters, but if it's your home and your family's, why not insist on the best-built value for the dollar, the CMHUSA heavyweight?

A few thoughts to keep in mind:

• The cost of the ordinary approach and the module approach will be the same. As this Website explains, the cost is the same even though wood is very expensive and a heavyweight home by CMHUSA uses far more of it than if building the ordinary way. 

• Not all factories produce the same quality level. As noted in this Website, CMHUSA does not make recommendations or give advice in this regard.

• Please keep in mind that CMHUSA appreciates your interest; however, it cannot take on all building projects.

• On an everyday basis, a more solid home can bring the comfort of a more pleasant, quieter environment. A favorite test is to drop a book on the second floor and have someone in the room below listen to how well the sound is dampened. This simple demonstration says a lot.

• Logic would suggest that homes built in the manner of a CMHUSA heavyweight may have fewer maintenance issues over the years.

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